Van der Valk’s production complex is located in Waalwijk, in the southern province of North Brabant, close to the cities of Tilburg and ‘s-Hertogenbosch and just an hour away from Amsterdam. It consists of an office and five state-of-the-art production halls.

Aluminium construction hall

Every Continental starts its life in the aluminium construction hall, which measures 60.7 metres by 20.3. The hull, superstructure and all supporting elements – masts, hardtops and other aluminium components – are built and welded here.

Assembly halls

We have two assembly halls, one covering 35.5 x 36.4 metres and another that measures 42.5 metres by 25.6. The former is dedicated to yachts ranging from 15 to 25 metres in length, while the latter houses boats from 20 to 40 metres. The entire interior installation – piping, plumbing, technical and electrical systems, and interior carpentry – are fitted on the boats here. The larger assembly hall also contains a standalone carpentry factory, and is used for the exterior painting of yachts above 25 metres.

Painting hall

Yachts below 25 metres are painted in Van der Valk’s exterior painting facility, which measures 30.5 metres by 22.7 and houses the paint coordination office. There is also a 17.2 x 13.4 m interior spray painting hall used for smaller exterior elements and non-fixed interior components. This includes varnishing and veneering as well as complete repainting.


The warehouse is the main location where parts are delivered. Van der Valk practices just-in-time delivery, which means that the necessary components arrive when they are effectively needed. Just-in-time delivery eliminates excess inventory and minimises stock-related overhead costs. The warehouse is 35.5 metres by 15.6.

Sales office

The sales office accommodates most sales-related departments, including sales, marketing & PR and accounting, as well as the production manager’s and director’s offices.

Production office

The two-floor production office houses production-related departments, such as purchasing, the planning & work preparation office, and the electric/navigation developers.

Crane and docks

Van der Valk’s premises include a paved open area of 7000 m². There is access to the river via 120 metres of dock, which includes a crane with a capacity of 30 tonnes.

New production facility

Van der Valk has requested and obtained permits to build a new construction facility, which will allow for yachts up to 40+ metres in size to be built. This building will measure 43 metres by 36, and will be situated next to assembly hall 1.

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