Why does Van der Valk Shipyard process your data?

  • If you fill out a feedback form your data is processed to be able to reply to your comments or questions.
  • If you submit a request for product information your data is processed to be able to handle your request and for statistical purposes to see about which products information was requested.
  • If you are a member of the press and you would like to join the Press Lounge your data is processed to verify your request and to grant you access to this restricted area of the website.
  • Your data is also processed to be able to monitor and improve the services Van der Valk Shipyard provides through the Website .

What data does Van der Valk Shipyard process?

If you submit a feedback form or a product information request form, Van der Valk Shipyard processes the information necessary to contact you such as name, address, country, phone number and e-mail and the content of your request or feedback.

If you request access to the Press Lounge the data needed to create an account for you is processed. The data you provide shall also be used to verify you are an accredited member of the press.

Logon information is also stored for security reasons and to monitor and assess the use made of the website.

If you decide to contact a distributor directly via an e-mail address to which a link is offered on the website, the information you provide is sent directly to this distributor, only a copy of the request is sent to Van der Valk Shipyard to ensure your request is handled properly.

Who has access to your data?

Only Van der Valk Shipyard has access to the data collected through the website.

The Marketing Intelligence department transfers feedback and information requests to the appropriate person or department to handle them within Van der Valk Shipyard. If there is no appropriate person to handle such a request, the Marketing Intelligence department may transfer the request to an official distributor of Van der Valk Shipyard branded products.

Information you provide us with to grant access to the Press Lounge is only used by Van der Valk Shipyard and is not disclosed to others unless this is necessary for verification purposes.

Does Van der Valk Shipyard use your data for Direct Marketing?

Van der Valk Shipyard does not use your personal data to send you any mail regarding commercial offers or advertisements, nor does Van der Valk Shipyard sell or trade your data.

Initially, your mail is used only to send you a new year card and the most pressing/urgent developments. If desired we will not send you these information upon your request.

Does Van der Valk Shipyard use cookies on the Website?

The website uses cookies. These cookies are used to identify you and to serve you better. Cookies allow Van der Valk Shipyard to monitor and analyse the usage of the Website. You can refuse to accept cookies. If you choose to do so, the website, or parts of the Website, may not function properly any more.

Where is your data stored?

Van der Valk Shipyard stores the data on servers located in Waalwijk, the Netherlands.

Who can you contact?

Requests can be made to: or to the following address:
Van der Valk Shipyard, Marketing Intelligence, Industrieweg 45, 5145 PD Waalwijk, The Netherlands.

All data processing by Van der Valk Shipyard is in compliance with the applicable European privacy laws.

To ensure such compliance, Van der Valk Shipyard may periodically revise this Privacy Statement.

By accepting this Privacy Statement you agree to your data being processed by Van der Valk Shipyard as described herein.