Custom designs on demand

Van der Valk has earned its worldwide reputation thanks primarily to our award-winning semi-custom Continental series. The yard also has the capacity to produce fully custom designs on demand.



The standard delivery programme of Van der Valk can be described as semi-custom, with ample possibilities for customisation in finishing, equipment and specifications. But the word standard does not really do justice to the phenomenal number of features that we include as normal on our boats for which you would have to pay extra with many other yards. Click on ‘our approach’ to read more about how we go the extra mile on board all Continental yachts.


Full custom

We also have sound experience in building yachts entirely to the client’s own specifications. You can bring in your own designers, naval architects and consultants, and we will do everything we can to accommodate your proposals – provided, of course, that they are innovative and distinctive, and that the resulting motoryacht complies with our high standards.


I would like to know more about Van der Valk

If you’d like more detailed information about our yachts, from brochures to specs, from videos to media articles, the Van der Valk team is at your service. Simply click on the link below and fill in your details… We’ll get back to you shortly!