Carefully considered designs

Having almost half a century of experience in building exceptionally solid and reliable yachts is also related to the carefully considered designs, created together with gifted naval architects. This cooperation extends to ensuring that every Continental yacht exudes an air of class and elegance that reflects the comfort within.

Our designers make sure that each and every line has a reason for being as they synthesise timeless and contemporary features within the exterior profile. As a result, the Van der Valk look & feel has always been instantly recognisable among connoisseurs in the maritime world. Noble, distinctive, elegant design… Continental yachts stand out from the crowd in every marina and turn heads in admiration when seen from the shore.

Guido de Groot

The forward-thinking approach that is one of the hallmarks of our success story also applies to design. This is why we teamed up with Guido de Groot several years back, starting with the design for exterior and interior of The Next Episode, launched in 2014. Guido has since been involved in upgrading the look & feel of the Continental III, IV and V models.

Guido de Groot worked for seven years as a car designer in Paris for Citroën before starting his own company Guido de Groot Design in 1997, specialised in innovative interiors and exteriors for luxury yachts. Today the company works with leading shipyards in the Netherlands, Italy, China, Russia, Taiwan, Abu Dhabi and Turkey. We are delighted to have him on board as part of the Van der Valk team.

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