Warranty and service

A first-class warranty is a pledge of superior quality by a manufacturer. Van der Valk provides a two-year warranty, even on products on which the supplier only gives one. Certain components are even covered for five years! Our service department can be reached 24/7, and we have a service network that spans the globe.

Service work is carried out anywhere in the world within 48 hours. If it concerns components, support may be provided by the relevant suppliers – Van der Valk’s excellent relationships with suppliers are a guarantee of a job well done.

Furthermore, we have representatives all over the world’s sailing areas which can provide technical staff. And if neither of these solutions is possible, we will send our own people directly from Waalwijk. You can rest easy, no matter what happens.

I would like to know more about Van der Valk

If you’d like more detailed information about our yachts, from brochures to specs, from videos to media articles, the Van der Valk team is at your service. Simply click on the link below and fill in your details… We’ll get back to you shortly!